What is to remember project initiates a public discussion on remembrance in public space

Next Tuesday, August 3, the project " What is to remember" will gather experts at the discussion panel "Commemoration in public space, a place of national remembrance", which will be held at 18:30 at the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity (Independence Square 18/2; information center).

There are many ways to protect memory: from monuments, steles, obelisks, museum expositions to more "soft" forms of memory – nominal scholarships, festivals, books and songs. But we want to raise the theme of memory that has material incarnation in space, that can be seen or touched. To talk about the places of remembrance, where you can come in order to remember, and about the places of memory as a tool of nationalization. What they should be like so visiting the National Military Cemetery Ukrainians would feel the same pride for their country that Americans probably feel at Arlington Cemetery.

What should be this physically embodied memory, so that, having stumbled upon a monument, a memorial sign, a memorial plaque, etc., anyone immediately understood: this is a tribute to the defender who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war? What should be the memory in the public space in order to cause not only sorrow, but also pride and a sense of national unity? And what are the priorities and main tasks of the state in creating places of commemoration?

Participants of the discussion:

Yevheniya Kuleba – Kyiv city council Deputy

Igor Poshivaylo – Museum of the Revolution of Dignity Director 

Julian Chaplinsky – architect, urbanist

Vasyl Pavlov – Advisor to the Minister for Veterans Affairs Yulia Laputina, historian

Ivan Nachovnyi – Deputy Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration


Oksana Ivantsiv – "What is it to remember" project founder, head of NGO Arts&Rights

"What is to remember" is a project in which a comprehensive analytical study of practices in commemoration of the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war is carried out, as a result of which a Vision of Remembrance will be formed among all institutions involved in the formation and implementation of a policy of remembrance.

The project "What is to remember" is implemented by NGO Arts&Rights with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.