Arts&Rights  - це проект, який поєднує документалістику та адвокацію.
Who we are?

We are directors, cameramen, photographers, journalists, writers, screenwriters and human rights activists and just people with an active civil position.

We call ourselves documentary activists.

What we believe in?
We believe that a human with a personal history always stands in center of all changes. We believe in the power of personal choice, which can change the course of history. We believe in documentary which able not only to capture reality, but also to change it.
What we create?
Documentary human rights projects, which are the real impetus for social and political change in the country.
Who are the documentary activists?
These are people who believe in the power of personal stories. These are directors, cameramen, screenwriters, journalists, writers, human rights activists and activists who have come together to make changes.

You can be one of us!
Why do you need this?

For directors

You will get the chance to make a film that will change the world.
If you want to talk about what really matters, join the network of documentary activists!

You will find here

  • support in the creation of documentaries: from finding the heroes of the documentary to help in finding funding for filming
  • assistance in the promotion of the film
  • access to a database of unique stories of activists for adaptation in the script
  • lectures, seminars, workshops and other training activities for professional growth
  • networking for joint cool and socially useful collaborations
  • the opportunity to participate in the development of advocacy campaigns and enhance them with visual content

For activists

You will be armed with art!

You are very worried about what is happening around. Every day you work to make qualitative changes in society possible. Your activities can be very different - drafting laws or working with public opinion - but this feeling when you are not heard is definitely known by you!

 We have the answer for you - arm yourself with art!

Art is able to speak to the heart and mind. Art is able to burst our information bubbles. Sometimes a personal story can tell what the numbers in the next report will never tell. We believe in the power of this stories.

If you want to be heard, join the network of documentary activists.

You will find here:

  • assistance in creating joint documentary projects
  • support in advocacy and human rights campaigns
  • assistance in organizing human rights actions
  • network of like-minded people

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Want to tell your own story?

We believe that your story can change the world!