What is to remember

A comprehensive analytical study of the practices of commemoration of those killed in the Russian-Ukrainian war, as a result of which a series of expert discussion panels will be held and a book will be published.

Why is this topic important?

Commemoration of fallen defenders is extremely important for the formation of national identity and civil society. State institutions that work with remembrance do not have a coherent vision of a national memory policy that would help move in one direction, develop and declare the necessary messages. In Ukrainian society, a limited number of remembrance practices are usually used, which are mostly raised, "butafor", and sometimes traumatizing. Actually, the What is to Remember project will help to find gaps in existing policies of remembrance, to raise and raise publicity in society about this topic, as well as to propose aspects that should be changed.

What we do to achieve the goal

The project aims at a deep and comprehensive analysis (cultural, sociological, historical and legal) of policies and existing practices to commemorate the fallen soldiers in the Russian-Ukrainian war in the East of Ukraine, as well as to establish a public dialogue on conceptual issues of commemoration as an important component of the formation of civil consciousness and national identity.

As a result of the research within the framework of the project, on the basis of expert discussions with stakeholders, a Vision of Remembrance will be formed between all institutions involved in the formation and implementation of a policy of remembrance. Recommendations will also be drawnup that can be used by the Ministry for Veterans Affairs to further work on the formation of a policy of commemoration and drafting bills and other regulations in this area.

During the project, discussions took place:

"Commemoration in a public space. Places of national remembrance" (recording of the broadcast);

"Who we are: how memory forms a civic identity" (broadcast recording);

"Families of fallen defenders: life after loss" (broadcast recording);

"Last respect to the defender: from the tragic news to the place of rest" (recording of the broadcast).

According to the results of public discussions, articles were published: 

"Cultivate life: why you should not cloud the story of defenders only in monuments" (read: Channel 24);

"The war in Donbas and national identity: how Ukrainians have changed" (read: Channel 24);

"Children will grow up and be like you: why you should talk about war with the younger generation" (read: Channel 24);

planned materials: "Support to the families of fallen defenders in the Russian-Ukrainian war";

"From the tragic news to the last resting place: how ukraine organized the process of paying last respect to the fallen defenders."

The ambassadors involved shared their thoughts in the author's columns: 

Myroslava Barchuk is the host of the "Countdown" talk show on UA: First. 2007 –Finishedin 14th place

Oleksandra Matviychuk – Chairman of the Board of the Center for Civil Liberties. 2008 –Finishedin 14th place

Larysa Denysenko is a human rights activist, TV and radio presenter, member of PEN Ukraine. 2007 –Finishedin 14th place

Oleksandr Tereshchenko is a defender of the DAP, Deputy Minister for Veterans Affairs in 2018-2021. 2007 –Finishedin 14th place

Andriy Zelinsky is a military chaplain of the UGCC, political scientist. "Source of Hope" (read: "Ukrainian Week").

What has been done before

In 2020, the project "What is to remember" in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance and the Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine has already conducted a series of successful discussion panels "How to honor the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war", "Remember for a long time, to speak modernly: how to honor the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war", "Art and heroization: living man, not pathos myth".

Current project status: In progress.

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Project partners: Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, design partner – Creative Bureau Plaiburo, Information Partner – "Ukrainian Week".

Project Team

Oksana IvantsivProject Founder

Mykhailo BurkovSEO, SMM, target and other
Vladyslava OsmakResearcher of the Cultural
Lisa StryProject Manager

Tamara Martsenyuk
Sociology Scientific Curator
Tetiana MalaPartnership Manager

Anastasia Obertas CommunicationsProject

News on the project:

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