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Оксана Іванців

Oksana Ivantsiv

Founder and leader

Arts&Rights combines two of my main passions: art and human rights. I think that's enough to understand how important to me is what we do. I dream of documentary activism will become a powerful movement. I dream of hundreds and thousands of incredible stories will be told and heard. I dream each of that stories will change us for better.

Тетяна Власова



Any problems or phenomena are perceived and understood better when they are personified. Stories that have names and faces are deeply etched in the memory, evoke certain emotions, make you empathize. But the Arts&Rights project is not limited to this, it goes further, combining these autonomous stories into one tape and encouraging change - to eradicate their causes and prevent their recurrence in the future. And this is what impresses me the most, because we don't just talk, but act. This is exactly what our whole society needs now.

Юрій Шивала



Since childhood, I love to watch documentaries because they dispassionately describe the real world with all its pros and cons. Realizing your small role in a project where films will be made that will change the state of affairs in important areas of life is really cool. I want to believe that my small contribution will be one of the components of a really big deal!

Наталя Гривняк



I am in love with film and journalism so I am glad to become a producer of films that have all chances to change attitude to important things of today. I am a network communicator who wants to develop and create opportunities to increase the quality of film and media projects. For me, the project Arts&Rights is a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to tell their story and opinion, and finally to be heard.

Маріян Присяжнюк

Maryan Prysiazhnyuk

Partnerships development

In Ars&Rights project I am attracted by the power of activism, when through a quality art product we can influence the development of political agenda in the country. Advocacy campaigns and partnerships development are an important tool for me to achieve the project's goals.

Олександра Статкевич



Officially I'm a targetologist, but in practice I'm a Facebook communications manager: I negotiate with Facebook about the visibility of posts for an interested audience, about collecting likes and increasing subscriptions. I have many friendly nightly chats with technical support to ensure that all ads run smoothly.

Марія Лемберг



Over the years, I have met many people who do incredible things and initiate tectonic changes in society. Often through personal experience, sometimes tragedy, they become rays of light in situations where the sun is not visible.

Arts&Rights is on how to make such stories louder and their impact more far-reaching. It's about inspiration for change.

Світлана Ліщинська
Svitlana Lyshchinska

I worked for the leading Ukrainian TV channels for more than 25 years. I have directed many reality shows and documentaries. I've been working in the cinema since 2014. Now I am a documentary filmmaker, working on a feature film script and a documentary. In 2019, my first feature-length documentary, The Treasures of Verona, was released and premiered in Rome.

I really want my skills and experience to help make the world a better place, and Arts&Rights allows me to use a much wider range of artistic tools than just movies.

Тетяна Дородніцина

I have always loved to evolve in different directions, so I graduated first KNUCA (specialty artist of decorative arts), then KNTCTU of Karpenko-Kary (as live-action films director, Shigaeva workshop). Worked in film studios, productions, television. After getting acquainted with Hromads`ke TV and the process of creating a documentary film, I realized that documentary activism is a powerful tool for transforming society. That's why I've took an intensive from the Indie LAB documentary film laboratory. There I've made my debut as the director of the short documentary "Who is that Kaya?" As an editing director I was involved in the creation of the documentary film "Askania Reserve" (directed by A. Litvinenko), "Roses. Dakh Daughters" (directed by I. Stetsenko). Now I am participating in the creating of a full-length documentary about animal rights activists "Where is the dog buried?" (working title), won a grant for the debut feature short film "Wolf cubs".

At Arts & Rights, I am working on a full-length documentary on women's rights during childbirth and obstetric violence, The Level of Love (working title). The topic of "women's rights and their role in society" has long interested me and I understand that there are still many questions about stereotypes and the system. In particular, the topic of "perinatal period and childbirth" is considered taboo in society, so discrimination against women remains "in the shadows" and is perceived by many as the norm.

Жанна Максименко-Довгич

I was born in Kyiv, graduated from the Institute of Journalism of Kyiv University. I worked on television as an editor, producer, creative producer. In 2010 I've made my first short feature film, in 2012 - a documentary "House of Chimeras", which was included in the almanac "Open Access". The next film - "Under the Bridge", became part of the almanac Ukraine_voices. The short documentary "Weekend" became a participant and winner of several Ukrainian and international film festivals. I am currently working on my first feature-length documentary, "Peace for Nina".

My film "Peace for Nina" is about a woman who the war pursues for all of her life. Her latest loss was the death of her son at the hands of Russian mercenaries and pro-Russian terrorists in captivity, in Donetsk in 2015. I have been working on the film for about five years - As much as Nina is fighting for her son's death to be recognized as a war crime and a crime against humanity in Ukrainian and international courts. Cooperation with Arts&Rights allows me not only to watch the heroine's life with a camera, the transformation of her endless pain and struggle for justice. Small but powerful steps are paying off, one of which was the long-awaited adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the Law on War Crimes in the first reading, not least thanks to the Arts&Rights advocacy campaign. .

Ліза Стрій

I am a graduate of the Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism. In 2018, I graduated from the Indie Lab documentary film studio under the guidance of Dmitry Tyazhlov. At the same time, I released my first short documentary, "Pension Tourists," about people who remained on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine and were on a constant journey between checkpoints to receive their social benefits.

At Arts & Rights, I'm working on a documentary called "Not a Scary Film" about people with palliative diagnoses and their families struggling with a rigid medical system and making the world a better place. The theme of palliative care is very marginalized in our society and it's very shamefull to even talk about it. It will be a film-contemplation of a family for which illness is only one of the pages of a rich and bright life.

Андрій Литвиненко

I believe that documentary film archives time in living stories that help to comprehend important events in the life of society and community. That's why I always try to do projects that support important social processes.

I am the author of the idea and one of the directors of the film almanac "Out of the Euro", about the World Cup Euro-2012, took part in the anthology "Ukrainian Voices" and "Euromaidan. Draft installation "," Kyiv from east to west ". In 2013, I've received a "Gaude Polonia" grant and studied at the Wajda School in Warsaw at a documentary film studio. The author of the idea of ​​the film and the producer from the Ukrainian side of the film "Process. The Russian state against Oleg Sentsov ". I am also the author of the film "Askania Reserve", which has won prizes at several international festivals.

In Arts&Rights, I explore the theme of honoring memory, because I consider it as important to bring the images of the heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war as close as possible.